Friday, March 13, 2009

Day two Vacation/Day three

Day two- rough trip really. We left later than I had wanted to and as a result Sam and Nate were not happy. Though I have to say Sammy did far better than I could have imagined.
We got to memere’s about 7:30. The last 30 minutes of the trip consisted of screaming from nate, at which Samuel would scream for him to stop screaming. Fun fun fun

Day Three- sam, louise and I went to the farmer’s market. Sammy had a loquat and LOVED it. He keeps talking about the circle fruit. We bought him a pint of strawberries and he ate them all as we walked through whole foods after.
Thankfully his barrack Obama/black man obsession seems to have faded. He hasn’t mentioned it once since we have been here.
Daniel and I went out with Michelle and Jay (who also have a child with autism) for valentine’s day. We went to raglan road. The food was amazing. I will post about that on the food site later though. All in all a great start to our vacation.

Day four- Church today. Sammy went off with Kayla to the child ministry program. He did very well and even tried to participate. I can’t even explain the way I feel to see him acting like the other children. To watch him focus and smile and play along side other kids in a way that seems so “normal” I can always see the things that make him different but hey they are there and that’s all there is too it.
We brought everyone to CiCi’s pizza. I made Sammy a GF pizza on a bagel and brought it with us. Packed some treats and sweets for him and he was really quite happy. He was so good the entire time we were there. I wonder if just the change of pace had made him so much easier. Then again the other shoe just may drop and kill us all. If it hit’s the fan, it will And then we are all screwed.