Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sammy and his dream world

Dan is concerned. I can't blame him. Sammy has some pretty serious dreams, usually they involve much blood, death, and fire. Before anyone says it's from what he sees on T.V. we do not have cable. we only watch movies and nothing he has watched has anything close to that in it.

he woke this morning to tell us how Courtney died in a kitchen fire in the house and he tried to save her. he wasn't quite so eloquent but seriously. he dreams I die almost every night. sometimes I get hit by cars, sometimes he runs me over with cars. One night he was crying because he dreamed that he killed AJ with a toy. He has also woken us up to check things, like whether or not his brother has feet, since he dreamed he took Nate's feet away. he doesn't cry when I die in a dream though

we are a little freaked out by the viciousness in a lot of his dreams and we wonder

could he just be crazy on top of it? is it normal for spectrum kids to dream like this. I think I read somewhere that it might be. I also know I read that a lot of bi polar kids dream like this. so what gives?

any insight people. I'm hanging by a thread here