Sunday, May 25, 2008

went to savers

Didn't find the jars I was looking for. I found one but it was chipped along the top. i think I may just buy a yogurt maker and do it that way. my flour order came in today and that makes me happy. Once I make the yogurt then I can start making yummy deserts. I am going to try a pumpernickle bread recipe tomorrow with the hazelnut flour.

sammy loves animals. elephants especially so I have decorated his room in jungle prints. I found a great giraffe stuffie and a leapord stuffie which he is now in love with.

. i bought a tea ball since I have to learn to not drink my coffee with cream so I figure I will just switch to tea which I prefer black anyway.
I got nate a cool toy for his birthday too.
I found a dehydrator so now I can make SCD legal fruit roll ups and beef jerky. I wonder what else I can make with it. should be fun!
anyone know how to use one??