Saturday, May 24, 2008

doubt anyone reads this yet

But I figured I would ask.

I am working on the menue for the next two weeks. I need ideas. No pasta,potatoes, or bread. no grains. cheese is ok,as are all the vegetables and all the fruits. most beans are ok as long as they are soaked for 24 hours prior to being cooked. I need desert ideas too. since we are all dessert people. I need to start buying honey wholesale. It is the only sweetner that we can use. :(
I need to find a few good farmers markets for my produce until my garden comes in a little better.

on a side note. I am sad. I love baking breads and cakes. I love the feeling of kneeding breads with my hands. I use to make a kick ass oatmeal loaf and a great basil focacia. those are out now.
I find myself over eating bread because I know we wont have in after next week. I have been binging on it constantly and it is making my stomach sick ... yet I can't stop. I know how sammy must feel. though his understanding is considerably more limited it is still sad. it all goes back to "food IS love" shame on me I thought I was past that.