Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No starch allowed

After visiting with a specialist for my son we have decided to try the specific carb diet. You see my son has autism, correction 2 of my sons haveautism we have decided to go ahead and try the Specific Carb Diet. more info can be found here and here
You see we saw the specialist for sam

he is three years old. he is amazing and smart, loves spiderman and superman and smells like mustard a lot. He also has autism.Our family is on a mission to help him. to get him back from this.
Why do i say get him back? you see it wasn't always this way. he use to seem ok but somewhere at some point things changed and we lost touch with him. I want him back.
the appointment was for sam, however after talking to the dr I think I am putting the entire family on it. We all have digestion issues and it's a healthy way to eat.
so we can't have starches as of June 1st. Fruit veggies and meats are ok. nuts and beans are too.
I have started this journal to document our journey as we delve into the SCD and hopefully recovery for all of us