Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The story of Ayn

Ayn is a 9 year old girl with 2 siblings, a loving father, and autism. She was removed from her father's care because child services felt he was overburdened. This poor baby is now up all night, over medicated, having major behaviors and is still not home with dad. How can these things happen in this day and age. It isn't ok. If you have a second check out his blog 2 posts down. Here is also the form letter for the campaign to help Ayn by writing letters. lets get it moving people and get this girl home.


Dear ____________

I would like to bring to your attention please an urgent matter which was recently brought to mine.  A little girl, Ayn van Dyk, has been coercively removed from the protection of her father Derek Hoare by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, on June 16th 2011 in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  Though I understand that the separation of powers disallows you to interfere in a Judicial matter, your attention to this matter is due, and any ministerial awareness you can bring is deserved.  Ayn is still a Canadian citizen, who should have the rights there in, she has been removed from her home and as of July 01 still awarded no contact with her family. No allegations of abuse exist, the Ministry believes that Mr. Hoare though a good, loving father, is overwhelmed with his three children, two of whom are autistic. And that the least disruptive measure possible to ensure Ayn is protected is removal from the home. It is with little investigation into the matter which the Ministry has done this, as they have not yet spoken to relevant parties concerning Ayn's behaviour in the home.  
Mr. Hoare and others have stated that Ayn was showing great improvment in the home, yet continued to struggle in a school setting, due to her frequent aggression, she was placed in isolation on a limited school day, and Mr. Hoare was brought in frequently to diffuse Ayn's outbursts or bring her home, where she was calm and constructive.  This child has demonstrated a clear ability to thrive in the home in an unmedicated state, and hence medication is clearly not required for this girls stabilization. Yet deemed not suitable for the foster care system Ayn has been placed in a "specialized hospital" for evaluation and stabilization. Please stand up for the rights of this little girl, she very likely will not undergo any medicating willfully. And has thus: been removed from a loving home, with ever changing and adapting safety measures in place, and been placed in a facility, where she may live through coercive medicating.  
Love, understanding, consistency and stability are very critical to an autistic child's development, to have her endure this experience, let alone the continuation of it, cannot be good for her well being.  Logically if this girl was thriving in the home she should be returned and given proper education and behavioural supports when outside the home, where she was volatile and uncooperative. Families of autistic people everywhere have to protect their children throughout their development, and I believe it is with their loving and willing families first with whom they should reside.  If the Ministry is indeed concerned about Ayn's safety at home or behaviour in the school, coercively removing her and instutionalizing her is an abhorrent reaction to such concern.

With respectful urgency,

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