Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No walk in the park

Baseball. Fun Right? Sammy's 13 year old brother plays baseball, so we spend time at the park a few times a week. Sammy usually ends up in the trees playing guns along side a few other kids. kind of with and kind of not. AJ's friend Jacob was there last night and Sammy loves him. Jake had a friend with him  and Sammy not knowing how to interject himself decided beating the snot out of this kid was a good idea. We were able to stop it and redirect. the rest of the evening was going well. He would run around the park we would chase him. It's old hat and we are so use to it by now it's no big deal. He has gotten better about staying within the boundaries we set and not running off.

Well he went to throw something away and bolted. Apparently some bigger kids were joking around and teasing Jake. Now when I say bigger kids I mean 6 foot tall bigger kids! Sammy lost it and tried to take on the biggest one. Daniel intervened and we removed Sammy kicking and screaming. everyone looking at us wondering what the heck just happened. Some nights all I can do is shake my head and wonder if it ever gets better