Friday, July 3, 2009

some things never change

I was watching Sam. I tend to do this quietly so that he doesn't notice me. I like checking out the way he looks at the world. Always at the ready with a camera to find that one sweet moment. Sometimes things are funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes just flipping weird. But no matter what it is Sammy. Sammy is unique onto himself, he sees things like no one else I know. sometimes if I am really lucky he lets me in. Those soft sweet, sometimes crazy moments are worth every tear. Nothing is without meaning anymore, sometimes it's just not the meaning I thought it was

today he caught me. he was watching the fan go around and around. He has loved fans for as long as i can remember. In fact it was his first sign. He would sit on the floor and wave his hand in the air in a circle. it took me a week of much frustration to figure out what he was doing. Of course this was back before we lost him. Before autism became attached to Sammy like a large birthmark. we have learned to accept Sammy in his entirety and have been able to adapt to the boy he is. We grieved the boy we thought we had and have learned to accept the one we got. every step of the way only loving him more and more each day. we are truly blessed to have him. I like him just the way he is

In this video, my husband was in his world checking out the fan too.

that's my story...the end