Thursday, July 2, 2009

melt down!

So things have been great with Sam lately. He's using his words and asking for things he needs. They really are more of a statement most times than a question. If he wants milk he will say "I am thirsty, for milk" rather than "can i have milk please?" either way I get what he means. Well, last night, no words ... nothing just screaming! he wanted a juice box and not just any juice box one from his backpack. .He let himself get so thirsty that he flipped out. Poor guy.



He slept in his tent yesterday in my living room. He even told me "mom, you snuggle me!" so I did. he gave me a pillow and put his head on my chest.kissed my neck and told me " your smell pretty mommy, My just love you" totally mae my entire day!