Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sammy Spazzy and the Spiderman Suit

So hubby is working mandatory overtime and I have a class tonight for my job. OK no biggie. except starting this morning Sammy has been a spazz! He put on his spider man costume and began screaming. Those of you that have an autistic kid understand that guttural scream i am talking about. the one that sounds like train brakes and chocolate pie being lit on fire while a moose dances the tango during mating season. Yeah pleasant really. It is one of those sounds that only a mother could love, and even then not so much! 12 minutes, enough to make me want to run away. Mind you I had just worked a 9:30-6 am shift came home and was trying to get ready for church. I knew it could get ugly.

he was OK at church only tried to run out once causing me to barrel after him down the side pew and almost smash into the usher. he also collected all the books in the first 3 isles and made some lines with them. He then placed his head on the pew fabric and ran on his hands and knees from one side of the pew to the other, the whole time static boy kept his head in contact with the velvety fabric.

We managed to leave church with mnor incidents and nothing more than a shoeless boy with static head