Monday, September 1, 2008

today was a better day

much better. thank God!

we finished Sam and Nate's room today. its clean YAY. now just to finish putting up the wall art and Im done! jungle room complete!!!

great breakfast with sharon at a fantastic greasy spoon in bridgewater. eggs florentine. poached eggs, spinach,florintine sauce ham and a grill english muffin. fucking Yum!the best ever home fries and good coffee. of course sharon, who makes things that much more enjoyable.
"did you see the bear?" no...did you see the balloon?

the family went to the feast today. the older two saw their grandfather and he really misses them. I feel bad. he has always been really good to them its his wife that is the issue. he wants to see them more. I want that too but their father says no. he can use it against me in court. so how do I make that choice?

mallasadas and casoila. freeking yum yum
so much for body image today. im just happy to have such a great family with fantastic kids and a wonderhubby.
i feel much better today.

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  1. You'll have to post pics of the room when you get a chance! Sounds cute.


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