Wednesday, September 17, 2008

teeth, birthdays and pumpkin butter

my mouth hurts. last friday I had major oral surgery and now have dry sockets. fun. they plugges the gaping holes with something that tastes like a sombination of clove and burning bandaids. sucks!

i had a birthday this past weekend. yipee? spent the day in bed hopped up on percs (my kinda day LOL im kidding) went to a party that night and remember NOTHING. except chocolate mousse. my wonderful friend michelle made me some since I couldn't chew.

hubby got me pats tickets SCORE!!!!!
the boys got me a twilight shirt and 2 pairs of fluffy socks for work. my aunt made me an eggplant lasgana and mashed potatoes and kayla did some laundry and made lunch. weeee. good times.

I also made pumpkin butter in one of the few and rare moments of clarity. 7 jars from one batch. freeking yum.tastic.
i have pics Ill have to post them later