Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sammy update

things have been good with sam. I know that at some point the other shoe is going to drop. or maybe I have adjusted my expectations so much at this point that it just "seems" good who knows.

it struck me however this week when daniel and I took Sammy to the store. he functions on a normal level for a two year old. he asks things and talks like a child half his age. does that mean that by 30 he will be about 15? thats better then forever 2 isn't it. maybe it will all be fine.

I am working on the new positive attitude with sam. it could be worse and it isn't so in that way he is a blessing. he isnt the child I thought I had or the child I had hoped to have, but he is still my baby and I love him.

he has found sheer joy in the mundane. chocolate chips and cup cakes with frosting. cuddles in the morning (oh how I love that) and a back scratcher. all of these things make him beyond happy. he has also begun rolling himself in the carpet for deep pressure. he got stuck the other day. that was funny. he also played , really played, with lego's today. it was inspiring.