Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mia Grace

Today is her christening. Shes a few weeks if not months old, and we haven't even met her yet. I feel like were bad cousins. then again I think to today and the type of behavior I can hope to see from Sam as well as the behavior I will very likely see from Sammy. he doesn't handle crowds well. in fact they raise his anxiety level so much that at least one physical outburst is likely, if not more. the food temptations,the people who touch him without asking, the people who try to correct him, the sheer volume and being in someone elses house are all a fail safe recipe for total disaster. he will melt down either during or after. it wont be pretty. I don't want to bring him and have him disrupt everything. I know he can and often does.
the light on that tunnel is one comment that Tracey made one day at Erin's house. I thanked them for all being so nice to Sammy and so understanding. Tracey smiled at me and said " why not we love him, he is our cousin" that one sentence meant the world to me. it cleared me of the guilt I feel bringing Sam when he acts wild. how much easier it would be for everyone if we just stayed at home. but I can't it's Mia's and Tracey and Scott's day... and it's been a long time coming

God Bless Mia Grace