Sunday, August 31, 2008

past few days

busy here.
the older boys were going camping with auntie Debbie and auntie Lisa, so... because they cannot eat the commercial marshmallows you buy in the store. I had to make them. I don't mind making them, and I love eating them but its messy. i also messed up the first batch and so it became marshmallow fluff and not actual marshmallows. the second batch was perfect. I rolled them into parchment paper and then cut them when they cooled. they looked just like store bought marshmallows.

dr's appointments all morning on Friday. one for me and one for Nate. all is well. Nate is a whole 18.5lbs. what a peanut, at this rate he will never be forward facing!

farmers market... what a thrill. (i say this sarcastically)
I got peaches for peach butter, blueberries, peppers,corn (which I had tonight with our dinner) some sweets and a butternut squash. some yummy blue cheese and a major surprise.

i already felt vulnerable today. it's the last thing I needed. i must admit. I hate to, but she does look good. but I wasn't prepared. not even a little

so then we went to BJ's (ha!) and got a ton of other things we needed. Im making jam this week.

I bagged chicken stock. chicken legs.pork chops. and a ton of other things.

sadly we lost our bunny this week as well. I miss her so much already. we saw cats at the farmers market... I want tater tot!