Thursday, August 28, 2008

making pickles

got this easy pickle recipe here .
i wish I knew how to make that a cool little linky thing with her name in it
while it wasn't complicated it was time consuming. the kids and I enjoyed doing it though. thank you sous chefs Tyler,AJand Sam

first i sterilized the jars

peeled a ton of garlic, chopped one pretty habenero pepper into itty bitty pieces.( they didn't have the pepper the recipe called for because of the salmonella/e-coli outbreak) dill seed and grape leaves.

filled the jar with STUFF

cukes, zucchini, squash, onions,peppers one jar of just pickled garlic and onions. YUM

made the brine with cider vinegar,salt, and water. put it to boil.

filled the jars and closed the lids.

25/30 minute water bath until the lids are sealed and they are the right temp.

i cant wait until its time to try them!

i also processed tomatoes into bags for the winter. yay.