Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weekend away.

We went to "The Cabin" this weekend for Sam's birthday. There was much fun involved. There also happened to be a lot of fighting (between Sam and Nate) and a lot of wine (thanks Memere) but most of all lots of great stuff.
We enjoyed some time with Memere and Pepere.
There was much cuddling.

Evangeline turned 6 months old!
Sleepy half birthday

We found a cute little breakfast place in Littleton called The Coffee Pot. The food was pretty good and the coffee was OK. The service was AWESOME! Evie sat in a highchair for the first time. She bobbled around a little and the waitress came and duct taped her lovie to the table so she would get hurt. It was very sweet. Evie also enjoyed her first taste of cantaloupe.

Sister cuddles
first taste
We found a cute little swimming hole on Rt112 . The kids found a toilet shaped rock and some super shiny rocks as well. I got to play with my camera settings and the kids enjoyed jumping from the rocks.

We went to Chutters and checked out the longest candy counter in the world! We even found some all natural gum the kids could have.
Nate could barely contain himself

In front of the candy counter.
We discovered this weekend Sam loves to sing and it really annoys Nathaniel.

We cuddled by an Epic fire that Tyler built. Tyler rode the lawnmower and cut the grass and the boys helped him.
Tyler and his handy work

Wine and Snuggles. It doesn't get any better.
We met a giant wolf spider on a free stroller.(ok maybe not giant but big enough) and Nate was thrilled by it.

How was your weekend?

Grace was "tickled" with the flowers outside Chutters