Tuesday, January 11, 2011

silence and sleep

First, I want to say hi to all the new readers I have here. I am so use to basically writing for myself that I forget sometimes people may read this too. welcome and I have gone through most of the comments and I want to thank you all for the encouragement and insight. Its always nice to know we aren't alone, even when it feels that way.

Christmas eve was not the easiest here. My wonder hubby had surgery on the Monday before Christmas and the eve was at my mothers. taking Sammy anywhere is always difficult, add presents and  food into the mix and its pandemonium. he tried so hard but Lord it was horrid by the time we got home. However Daniel was able to get Sammy for a minute to help put out cookies and milk for Santa, get his jammies on and get him asleep in bed.Thank God for wonder hubby

how sweet with his penguin named polka dot
My littlest one awoke on Christmas morning so very excited. bouncing up and down saying"Santa came Santa came" my Sam... well. He wasn't angry. just very matter of fact. I remember feeling like this when Tyler was younger, just wishing he would get excited about something! anything! It makes me want to shake him, but I know that makes no sense since it would do nothing for him.
Sam was out of sorts all day and just difficult, then my dad left before dinner started and of course that created stress and anxiety for Sammy. So dinner was loud and stressful for me. I wish people would get it, would understand what it is to have a Sammy kid.
He did open presents in the morning and was happy enough. he was excited (as much as he ever will be i guess) about the balance board Santa brought. So we begin a full week of Sammy at home for Christmas break. Lord help us all!