Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a morning of sunshine?

can it be true... could this be so??? An OK morning. It was by no means fantastic but it was better than the rest of the week by far and worlds better than last night! PRAISE JESUS!

Christmas is always a tough time for Sammy. We work hard to set him up with clear expectations and sound ideas on how to handle situations. I am working on a new holiday social story for him to prepare him for the Roy family Christmas. He is usually pretty good so I really can't complain, but I think he is good because we make sure he is "ready" for it. His speech has been back sliding a bit lately so I have to watch that. But most of all I feel blessed to have such a wonderful handsome son


  1. I have a friend who makes social stories for everything for her daughter. It seems to work for her. It really helped with potty training Jaylen. Good idea!

  2. It's great that prepping help him so much!

  3. Glad it was a better day! Hope all the prep work paid off and that ya'll had a joyful Christmas :).


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