Thursday, January 13, 2011

a loose tooth wiggle wiggle wiggle

sam has a wiggly tooth. just a little wiggly but he is a man on a mission. wiggle wiggle wiggle. he keeps asking me to feel it. eeewwwwwww! but he is so thrilled with it. I love seeing him so happy

last night he was playing(read running a muck) in my living room and fell onto a hippity hop ball.wiggle wiggle wiggle he cracked himself in the face with it and heard his little tooth make a crackling sort of noise. you and I know this is normal but sam LOST IT. screaming he broke his jaw and now the tooth fairy wouldn't take his tooth. wiggle wiggle wiggle sobbing into my arms trying to explain to me what happened and I finally figured it out. his tooth is now VERY loose and he is VERY excited.wiggle wiggle wigglewiggle wiggle wigglewiggle wiggle wiggle

I don't think Sammy understands the difference between real and not real. since he is excited to loose the tooth to get money from the tooth fairy but he says he doesn't think she is real


I love hearing from all of you.It reminds me that people really do read this thing.