Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the mornings

Let me start by saying boys are gross. little boys eat sleep and breath boogers, dirt and all sorts of other nasty things. in fact I mean that both literally and figuratively.So this post is gross...sorry

Mornings here are a bit much with Sammy. He hates getting dressed and his new issue...boogers
yes boogers. He wakes up today at 6 am, informs us he peed his pants and then starts flipping out. 15 minutes later i have ascertained only that its something that is hard and stuck. 10 more minutes and i have now figured out that it's a booger stuck in his nose. Its hard and its making him craaaazy!
I help him (read=fail) to blow his nose. I of course do it wrong and yet again chaos ensues.
my husband at this point left the room so here is Sammy, naked (peed his pants) writhing and screaming on the bed beside me. I'm only 8 days post op today so I'm still sore and fragile.
Daniel did come and rescue me only to have Sammy then switch gears to watching TV during breakfast. Breakfast and videos are never an allowed thing. Sammy thinks for a minute and then tells me "that is just crap mommy total crap" Crap, i wonder where he got that from...lovely!
45 minutes later and Daniel is battling him over underpants and t shirts. Sammy is screaming about hating school and wanting to go in early, video games and television. The list is endless.

his bus will be here in about 15 minutes he is playing his DS and calm. thank God he wont need to be carried to the stop. I cant do it.

we did have one fantastic moment today. I slept in a tank top since it was so warm. At some point this morning Sammy says "You might want change you shirt mom" when I asked him why, his eyes got big and round and his face lit up as he smiled at me. His little hand was twitching as he quietly told me in a hushed giggling whisper "A'cuz my want tickly you!" Those windows into his thinking, those moments make the hours of crap and anger we dealt with today worth it.