Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the joys of life

There truly is joy in every moment of my life. I know I use this mostly for Sammy but my oldest son is on the spectrum as well. Tyler has Aspergers. He is an amazing thoughtful young man with a quiet and calm sense of self. Up until a few years ago we never really saw him express emotions.

In fact in second grade teachers thought he was depressed. He made the same face, happy or sad, it didn't really matter. Once we realized where the deficit was we worked on it.

He smiles a lot these days. He is 15 and so much fun to be around. He relates so well to Sammy and most days is his favorite person.

We took the kids to the park. we brought a parachute with us. wonderful things happened. Sammy's language was amazing. Tyler had a blast and I giggled as I watched the chaos. I loved every.single.moment.