Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sam the ninja

Sam thinks he is a ninja. He's a backwards ninja with his pants on his head. Life is always interesting in our house. The insight Sammy shares with us is sometimes the largest ray of sunshine anyone ever could get. he shines like a new penny in the sunlight. today happens to be one of those days. I'll take it.

He also got sick at school today. He has been a puker all his life. He has a hair trigger stomach. After changing his diet it got better. spring is the time though if its going to happen it does. He's sitting on my couch in his underpants playing video games. He's happy and well.

He told me all about the leprechauns today , what an amazing imagination. maybe ill get him to tell me more again later. I do love listening to him talking to me. it took so long for him to find his words. I pray they never stop. His voice (even when he is angry) is like music to my ears a soft song on a summer night or a ruckus wind that clears away the clouds. Again. Ill take it