Saturday, January 24, 2009


Sammy learned about martin Luther king Jr in school. they also tied it in with Barack Obama. well Sammy has gotten it so confused. he now says every day about 500 times a day that Barack Obama was a black man, he got killed cuz he dreamed and he also now thinks that every black man we see is Barack Obama. so we go to the mall and he screams across the concourse "look barakobama" at the very top of his lungs. and if that weren't enough he begins flapping and jumping on his tip toes. no way to get out of that quietly.

Sammy has been taking out my water bottles and working hard lining them up over and over. i put them away over and over and he just keeps doing it again. not so bad but like this time it was directly across my doorway. not fun

Sammy enjoying his brownie so much he fell asleep while eating his good day treat. melatonin is the best thing ever.

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  1. Aww sleeping by the brownie! That's so cute! A friend of mine's daughter thinks every teenage girl on tv is hannah montana! :D


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