Saturday, January 24, 2009

it's just a joke

so that is Sam's new phrase he says it all the time. it makes no sense and he usually says it when i am really mad at him. i haven't figured out where he got it from but I am sure i will.

he drew a great picture at school. Mr. Ohno. its just eyes and a head legs and two hands. he also got student of the week this week again. you see Sammy strips off all unnecessary clothes at school... socks, underwear, tee shirts you name it. so Friday he came home and his socks were still on so his teacher gave him student of the week. YAY SAM.

Tracey and Erin gave Sammy a ball for Christmas that he LOVES. it was full of air and big and red and looks like a giant chuzzle. well it got popped and he cried for days over it. until he realised that he could put it on his head and wear it. so he does. he wears it everywhere. he loves it. it's his new favorite stim toy. thank god he now leaves my microwave pieces alone!