Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's a beautiful day

just for pure cute factor

Daniel, the two younger Chagnon children and I went to the Rochester Farmer's Market.
What fun that was.

we got some pea greens and a book 4 gimp bracelets and an adorable taggie lovie for Nate from BeeHandmade. I wanted to get a yummy brownie from artisan kitchen , however some of the items had pecans. I couldn't take the chance of cross contamination. I have to be alive for my kids. I ended up going over to the bakery/convenience store and buying some cookies.

I am off to summer fest tonight for a bit and just trying to decide if I need tickets for one or two days. I know I want to go to the farmers market in fairhaven tomorrow as well. there were some really yummy things there too