Wednesday, July 23, 2008

weird dream

go to church at st Joe's see Gretchen from the old life teen (would never go to st Joe's, some things there are better left alone) Nate is a baby and starts crying. i leave the church and go into the flea market connected to the church. I'm walking with him and just kissing him.
church lets out and Dan and the kids join me. I see her. I ignore her because really what else CAN i do?
I am now at some grey haired lady's house. with cats and ferrets. I take pictures of the door/.window , the boys, obscure yellow thing covered with grass and a video of Nate being carried by Dan. the photos are set to rocky theme song. sometime later in my dream Sharon explains that is because she has adhd. we are in the yard and Sammy isn't there and the boys are with friends somehow i get separated and the alarm goes off she shuts the door on me (grey haired lady) and this big thing blows up that looks like a garment bag. i cover my ears and worry the zipper will dislodge and kill me.
suddenly I'm at work. i don't wake up in time to feed the babies and both parents are up. cant find the milk or the fridge for that matter. the fridge pissed momma off so she beat the piss out of it . dad wants to test my boundaries and starts pushing me around in a silky open robe and i kick him in the nuts. feed the babies and lie about when (I WOULD NEVER EVER DO THIS)
riding home with Sharon to her stainless steel house with palm trees brushed on it. we pass rocking chairs, she says she ffound a gold one 25% off. i let her out and my car is kidnapped i call to Sharon and she thinks i am being silly until i scream HELP then i wake up

ill spell check tomorrow