Tuesday, June 3, 2008

no IEP to speak of

My son Tyler has Asperger's which is a high functioning form of autism. he has always been the one I worried least about, until now.
he is failing things in school. he has a d- in English for the year and a 52 average for homework in social studies. I can't do any more than I already am. I just can't. he is 13 and he doesn't want my help. granted he gets it anyway. I help with homework, checking to see if it gets done... everything
and yet he is still failing
his IEP failed him
his teachers failed him
but most of all
I .Failed.Him
so the boy that I thought would be off the IEP next year is now being considered for a school for boys like him. I want to cry. I failed my son, horribly... how could I?
so after over three hours at the IEP meeting we got nothing accomplished other than I feel like crap. Nothing written, nothing set
and we meet again on Friday the 13th