Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kisses and Blessings

My sweet girl has turned one.

525,600 minutes.. one year. How fast it Flies

How do you measure a year?

For us this week  we are celebrating 525,600 minutes of pure love and amazing blessings. The truth of every second  is nothing more than love.

From moments of doubt and uncertainty. Was I really even in labor? Shouldn't this be more painful?

To a screaming, squalling, cuddly little ball of pure love!

She settled into our lives as though she had always been there and was exactly what was missing.

When the nights and days ran into each other and I just prayed to live through them.
When the sun began to shine and the smiles came. The blessings knocked on my door.
Despite the sleepless nights and the long days full of worry. The awe and wonder of it all broke through every ounce of fear.
And She Smiled. Not just at me but into me. Her being presenting itself in a way no other child before had. Her presence was unmistakable
She would cuddle close and hold on tight as though her life depended solely on being in my arms. I reveled in the wonder of the child that surprised me.
And yet each day the wonder and awe grew. It bloomed like flowers in the spring after heavy rains.
She would not quit. She held the world in her hands and studied each moment as though it was the only one.
Laughter and sunshine despite many grey and bleak days.  She surrounded me in stars and moon glow.
She smooshed into me as though she were part of my body still. Cuddled deep into my heart and soul.
Watching through her eyes as the lights sparkled on the tree, sensing the wonder of all the world around me. I counted my blessings as she slept peacefully in my arms.
At almost a year I began to wonder how the year sped by. 
Now she is one. Self confident and aware. She knows what she wants. Her smile lights up my day and her tears tear at my heart. She does also still hate her carseat. Yet, I am amazed every day with how much I love the tiny, powerful, unexpected miracle that God has blessed me with.
I am blessed beyond belief to have such a wonderful little girl in my arms.
I can simply hope that my love is enough and that His Grace keeps it that way.