Thursday, July 15, 2010

30 rock...

30 things I have learned from my son with autism

1. Packing peanuts stick to tear streaked cheeks, and immediately stop the tears

2. Lint from the dryer is almost as cuddly as a kitten, and doesn’t need to be fed

3. Oatmeal kisses last for 20 minutes if you don’t wash your face

4. There is an absolute wonder in grasshoppers, butterflies and spiders.

5. Sometimes things are messy, and that is just fine.

6. Some days your socks make you crazy. Underwear is a tool of torture and mass destruction

7. We all thrive on structure here. Consistency is key.

8. Turning on the ac 3 minutes before getting in makes the car the perfect temperature so your shorts don’t stick.

9. The words “I love you” carry more weight than a mack truck

10. My 5 year old can eat 3x his weight in berries.

11. Gluten free crackers make great frisbies. Gluten free cereal turns into slime when dumped in juice.
12. If you say no , mean it. If you say yes, do it. And sometimes being silly split’s the difference.

13. Never leave a permanent marker in your child’s reach. Especially near the baby.

14. While the 5 year old with autism may not be able to figure out the epi pen, the 3 year old NT kid can and will.

15. Running in the rain with no shoes on is way more fun than a shower.

16. Just because he sees things differently, doesn’t make them wrong. I sometimes wish I saw the world the way he does just so I could understand..

17. In a child’s eyes there is no difference between an eagle and a parrot.

18. Silly bands are like gold!

19. There are some things a hug, kiss, snuggle can never fix.

20. I am not a super hero, I do not have superpowers unless you ask my kids.

21. 15 minutes extra, is sometime all you need to avert disaster.

22. Mashed potatoes stick to ceiling fans

23. Just because he can’t handle it, doesn’t always mean I want to. But neither of us have a choice.

24. Blame is not important, the solutions are.

25. If you leave a drink alone for 30 seconds it will disappear.

26. I am so not equipped to be this child’s mother, but I am getting a crash course.

27. I don’t want him cured, I want him happy. Whatever that takes.

28. Dr. Suess rocks.

29. I am in Holland. I didn’t expect the trip but I’m learning to love windmills
30. Autism has changed our life…