Friday, July 16, 2010

4... yes 4

Driving home the other day I looked over at Sammy. He was staring out the window with a forest gump smile on his face. We had just been to visit his new school and had the 10 cent tour. He liked the sparkly doors in the lunchroom and the boat on the playground. He did however mention the school reminded him of sweaty shoes. I don’t really understand but I just nodded. So as we were at the light he was looking out the window. I figured it might be ok to try a conversation…

Please understand, conversations with sam can be painful. He rarely makes cmpete sense and it is difficult to get his attention. I often feel dejeted and sad when conversations fail. But it’s been better, so much better, so I figured we could try.

Mom- hey Sammy what cha thinking about?
Sam- being 7
Mom - being 7?
Sam - yup (pause) I turn 7 ,I be big, I be different?
Mom - you want to be different at 7?
Sammy- yup. I be bigger? I run faster, be taller?
Mom - yes, Sammy when you get older you get bigger.
Sammy - then I be big …like superman (silence)
That was it.
4 volleys. Yeeeehhaaaa