Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Awesome Week

We had a busy week this week. But taking a minute to link up with

Marbleized painting with shaving cream for Divine Mercy with red and blue.

On Tuesday we went on a field trip to Sky Zone! So much fun packed into an hour.

On Wednesday we discovered that squirrels LOVE donuts and we worked on antonyms and reading. Nate is getting the hang of sounding out words quickly.

Thursday it was rainy and gross out. Torrential downpours and a crabby family meant art project time! We all worked on these abstract art flowers. We also colored in an immaculate heart medal. Since May is Mary's month

Today we went to the Nest to spend some time outdoors with friends. It was warm and sunny and just awesome. Until Grace threw up all over the place. So we came home.  We cleaned out the garage with the help of a giant dumpster and a helpful teen!
Then pizza and a movie before bed!

Totally awesome week until the puke. I hope the puke stays contained. This weekend we have a basement to clean out and a fence to put up!

Who wants to help?