Friday, February 22, 2013

Moments of Peace

It was a good day today mostly. Sam played by himself today for the first time In as long as I can remember. He got out the paints and made a giant mess. It was EVERYWHERE, on the walls, the chairs, the sink, the floor and all three of the littles. Gracie was thrilled that her brother painted her blue too. He cut out a Minecraft sword and made a helmet too. He was quiet for over an hour.
minecraft armor and sword BEFORE paint

Most moms would have likely had an absolute fit over the mess. I almost did. However, it's Lent here and my goal for this year is to be more gentle in my words. I want to work on being grateful more and coming unglued less. It isn't easy for sure. It's a start.

Sam and Nate even cleaned up. Nate showed Sammy exactly what do and they worked together. it was awesome