Monday, February 4, 2013

Just for The Fun

Sammy's backpack and lunch box both broke this week so tonight we went off to find another.He graduated this past year away from the fire engine red back pack that listed his allergies. I finally trust the school and the nurse to get it right. They are fantastic with it. So this is the first year he has had a "real" back pack and lunch box.

He of course picket a loud brightly colored backpack that makes me cringe but He was happy with it. It also has an insulated area so we didn't need to buy a separate lunch box for him to put his bento box in. So excited about that.

He did look at the lunch boxes and tried to convince us to buy a giant 3 person cooler for his lunch box. Ummm yeah ... no.

He and Dan tried on silly hats and listened to music and Sam got to ride on Daddy's shoulders.

It was a nice night out  for an hour.