Tuesday, February 22, 2011

IEP+I expect puke

Sammy's IEP is coming up. he's going through all the testing at the school. So far we know he is doing OK in speech and that his syntax and grammar has improved drastically (please God don't let him test out of speech)  However according to his IEP update with report card they "believe" his lack of progress is due more to internal regulation and internal issues then an inability to perform the work. he CAN spell. he CAN add. he CAN keep up. but he often needs assistance with his daily work. homework is a crap show here as often results in tears . He has such a hard time reading. He cant sit still. He has psychological issues in addition to the autism issues. I feel like we cant win for loosing. then I wonder what his IEP meeting will be like.

In acushnet we were assured he was fine, it was my issue, in my head. they didn't see any of the stuff we did here. I felt lost. Now I know they see a lot of the issues we do, not as violent but the rest of them. So i feel better knowing it's not just me...but sad...because it's not just me