Monday, November 3, 2008

stunning and amazing...

sammy has a habit of telling me he hates me. i don't take it personally since weeeellll, he hates everything. soccer,bed,cake,muffins,cheese,butterflies and teddy bears... who the heck hates teddy bears and butterflies? My son apparently. every time he gets upset that is the phrase he uses to express his pure disdain for the item at hand. so Saturday he tells me he hates me. I asked him to follow through with his color wheel, it's kind of an ABA thing but not really. So he gets mad and tells me he hates me with as much venom as a four year old can muster. it went something like this

sammy*I HATE YOU* at the very top of his lungs

mom *when you say that it makes me sad. it breaks my heart. my heart is broken and mommy is sad*

sammy*mommy heart broken?*

mom *yes sammy, mommy's heart is broken*

sammy * i give you sammy heart.. it's fixed*

holy shit! way to go sammy

who would have though that was even possible. a moment of clarity ...... all from i hate you

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