Sunday, November 23, 2008

flash backs

I watched some old movies today of Sammy. They were just over a year old and he was in the bath tub. 10 minutes of Daniel and Kayla asking him questions trying to tease out answers. his only words -"ride bike" he looked up only when sprayed with the water. stimming continuously on the bubbles in the water. he mumbled something about the water bubbles to no one but himself. silent, stimming, and lost in his own world..

he comes to me and climbs on my lap. hugs me close and tells me he loves me. whispers in my ear "say it louder, i love you Sammy" i know now that is my cue to hug him close and tell him softly "mommy loves you Sammy" to which he responds "thanks" he begins his monologue about star wars and how his games aren't working. he startles me by attempting his sad face to show me how he feels. his eyes still don't quite follow the expression. I ask him what he wants to do and he tells me he wants to paint. we draw and color and paint together. he chatters on about star wars and continues in our world for the most part.

there are still moments when he retreats, where I cant reach him. those are becoming less and less. he smiles and talks and can now predict the schedule of the day. he has come light years from where he was before. it amazes me to see it. it makes me so proud of him. he may never recover, but he will function and he WILL be happy. thank you Lord for that. thank you Lord for the wonderful blessings he has brought to me and thank you Lord for challenging me to help him and allowing me to succeed.

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  1. I find myself thinking the same things when my own daughter smiles. We've had a tough road and you know, sometimes it hurts so much, but the times when they come to us and really open up, that is amazing and worth more than all the meltdowns combined.

    Glad I found your blog, was browsing Twittermoms. I'm JEFletcher on twitter :-)


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