Wednesday, October 1, 2008

supper for 2 nights

Garlic and basil chicken with citrus

I added some happy little mini artichokes to the dish because they were just begging to be eaten. my entire family loves them. this dish had quite a zing to it. the strong garlic with the basil and lime complimented each other. The citrus also made for very tender moist chicken. even Sam ate it and he HATES chicken most of the time unless its chicken wings of coursepork tenderloin with white peach and balsamic reduction
this is pretty much my new favorite meal. the peaches added a sweetness and the balsamic added a tang to it but it was smooth. i make balsamic reductions and bottle it. store it in the fridge for later use. this took 15minutes to put together it was fantastic. you don't have to use anything fancy I assume you could get the same effect with a really good balsamic vinegar without messing with it. then cut the peaches layer them over the tenderloin salt and pepper. the flavors stand on their own. YUM

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  1. What did you do there with the chicken...just threw it all in the baking pan and roasted it? It looks FANTASTIC. I want to try it...

    Lori S.


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