Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome Back

Things have been good here. So good that I haven't been writing here. We have started Kindergarten here. What an amazing journey! Yes we still fight daily when it comes to getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair, and eating breakfast. I still get beat up most days when he gets off the bus. But there is something more these days to Sammy. He has this soft sweet energy. He makes me smile and looks me in the eyes more often than not. I always felt deep down that autism took my boy. That we had lost a piece of him that would never be recovered. But some days I see him. He peeks out like the sun behind the clouds. Sometimes he stays for a chat. He tells me things I never think about and notices things I don't. He smiles with his whole face and cries with his whole heart. He amazes me!

Its been 2 whole years since he was diagnosed. Christmas is so hard because of it. It is the reminder of what we struggle with. I see children younger, or close to his age. I am amazed at the difference of where they are and where he is. I have no clue if he will ever catch up but for now he seems to be a fantastically engaging child with a 3 year old mentality. I love the Sammy we have found. Please God let him continue to visit.


  1. 'He smiles with his whole face and cries with his whole heart.' wow... What a beautiful family, and an even more beautiful spirit that resides in you & yours. The world needs you. Your story. Your words. Your courage. Your love. Thank you~

  2. Hi Ann Marie, Thanks for the comment .I can understand what you are going thru . I am a physio by qualification. But now I am not working and I spend my whole time with my kids. I appreciate the bold stride you have taken. Nice blog . See you along :-)

  3. thanks lille diane, truly though this child is poetry in motion. it has very little to do with me. thank you so much for your kind words.

    krishnnaleela - its always a good thing to find other people who get where I am. glad you stopped by


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