Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hide and Seek

I have a new keyboard so look forward to lots of wonderful posts . YA

There were first communions at church today. Fine. I wish I had payed enough attention to know that so I could have gone to a different church. Sammy doesn't like people he doesn't know in the crying room. It freaks him out. So needless to say he was very off. He kept freaking out and punching and kicking. Not anything out of the ordinary really.

At one point Dan went down to get tissues and Sam went with him. Dan came back into the crying room to tell me " Sammy is gone" I thought he was kidding. nope! He lost Sam

I tried the parking lot first and then the downstairs, the closets and the bathrooms. They announces his name in the church. No Sammy. I started panicking as we hit the 10 minute mark. there were so many people there who don't normally go to church. People who were only there for the first communions. I kept looking, and directing everyone so they were just running no where. 15 minutes from the time he was gone Dan found him. He had locked himself in one of the classrooms and was hiding silent in the corner.

I believe I aged 20 years today. I want to cry right now and throw up.