Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear 50cent

Apparently 50cent decided that autistic is the new R-word. Someone insulted him on twitter and he thought a valid comeback was "I've seen your picture fool,you look autistic" 

Dear 50cent,
How dare you. As a man whose name is a number and grammatically incorrect you have got some nerve. You as a celebrity have so much power. YOU have an ability to change the world in ways that parents like me could never fathom. What I would give for an audience the size of yours to listen to what I have to say about how wonderful my son with autism is. Instead you took that power and you abused it. You took innocent children like my son and made them a joke. 
I am sure it wasn't your intention to piss off an entire community of people who spend every day fighting against this kind of crap you put out there. I am sure it wasn't your intention to look like an absolute fool. But you did. So before you start throwing around autistic as the new insult, I invite you to spend a day in our life. One day, of meltdowns and tears. Not just his but mine as well. I invite you to come and sit through dinner here and see what we live with. Before you dare use that phrase, understand it. I DARE you. Or are you too afraid to see the truth behind the nasty words you used. 24 Hours in my life 50cent, I am willing to bet you couldn't handle it tough guy.

This is what autistic looks like

.My son is smart, loving, witty, caring, and intelligent.Perhaps you could learn something from him.
A Very Angry Autism Parent