Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top Ten crazy things about me?

I found this today over at Jammie Girl . It's a top ten list. She did ten things she is superstitious about, I will do something along the same lines.

Top Ten {Tuesday} My 10 Weird- O crazy things I think about on a daily basis. I don't know If I can call them superstitious or not.Maybe more top ten ridiculous compulsions?

1. I never ever EVER eat the last bite of anything. I can't make myself do it. My grandmother once said "It's the last bite that makes you fat" She had meant it as a good thing since I was always soo itty bitty. I am the one who took that too far. I have a dog now so someone always gets my last bite. It's so bad that if my husband and I share something he waits to finish his so that he eats the last bite. Isn't he awesome!

2. I cannot drive by a trash bag without worrying that there may be a body inside. I have been known to even stop and check... hey don't judge me!

3. I cannot drink my coffee without a spoon in it For fear that something terrible may happen. I don't know, I never said these things made sense!

4. I also NEVER drink from plastic. It skeeves me out. I feel like bacteria hides in the little spaces between the plastic...ewwww. yuck

5. If someone touches their nose I have to touch my own. I am always afraid that  it means I have something on my nose and no one wants to say anything.

6. I count everything in sets.  I am always worried I miscounted something so I recount in sets of two. or four... and every so often ten.

7. Up until recently I could not go to the mall because the floor is in different colors and it was a pain in the ass walking on only one color.

8. I don't eat certain foods because they taste like glass(orange juice) or have other weird sensory attributes.

9. The sound of socks on the carpet , zerberts, and cotton balls rubbing together all make me vomit. I can't help it but it.makes.me.nuts!

10.  I use to iron, fold, roll, and tape my underwear. Now I just fold and roll it. It's an improvement all be it a small one. I also cannot stand wrinkles and have been known to vomit if something is wrinkled. At the very very least I will cry over them.

whats your top ten today